Meet Our Board

  1. Connie Spence-Dyer
    Board Member Connie is a proud representative of the island of Jamaica. Connie is influenced by the Caribbean peoples’ strong sense of family values and their ability to take things easy sometimes. Connie accepted the Board position because she wants to help the organization achieve their shared goals for the Caribbean-Canadian community. Connie values family connections; as well as, learning from practical situations and experiences. The innate strength and capacity of Caribbean-Canadian people motivates Connie to keep learning about the Caribbean as a whole and to help in paving the way for future generations. Connie achieved a bachelors degree in Social Work at Ryerson University; and she is currently employed as a Caseworker in Toronto. Connie has exceptional skills in working well with others and meeting deadlines.
  2. Camille Kerr
    Founder, President & Chair Camille was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Camille’s parents, Trinidadian immigrants, habitually taught her to honour and identify with their Trinidadian culture and family history. The traditional Caribbean values of family, identity, compassion and determination resonate with Camille and have become driving forces that navigate her daily life. These values are also key areas that both Camille and her husband, as conscientious parents, consistently instill in their five young children. Becoming a mother heightened Camille’s understanding that identity, belonging, reliance, responsibility and philanthropy are fundamental characteristics in a successful community. These factors became the underlying values when she formed the Caribbean Women’s Society; which aims to improve the quality of life for the Caribbean-Canadian community. Camille is a University of Toronto graduate with a BA Hon. in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science, and thirteen years of Human Resources work experience.
  3. Genna Laban
    Board Member Genna was born in the sunny island of Trinidad. She is influenced by the rich, diverse culture; in particular, the traditional Christmas celebrations which include partying, family gatherings, tasty food and beverages, dancing to parang music and attending Church. She’s also influenced by the Trinidad Carnival extravaganza - its amazing spectacle of colour and costumes, and the sounds of soca, steelband and calypso music. Genna accepted the Board position to inspire and motivate Caribbean-Canadian women to get involved, to be proactive, to make a positive change in our Caribbean-Canadian community, and to support her daughter, Founder, Camille Kerr. Genna believes that doing good and setting great examples for our children and grandchildren will make the world a better place. As a Caribbean woman, and with many years of Canadian work experience, Genna is confident that she can make a significant difference; with the understanding that change is the "seed" of growth.
  4. Vanessa Ganni
    Outreach & Promotion, CWS/C5/CCPU Vanessa was born in Toronto and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. She is of Guyanese decent. The essence of culture was a strong element in her household growing up through food, music and traditions. Her passion for arts and culture keeps her closely tied to her Caribbean roots. The Caribbean Women’s Society embraces their members through connection, community and leadership. This inspired Vanessa to want to play a bigger role in supporting her Caribbean-Canadian community. She accepted the Board position to assist and support Caribbean-Canadians with their personal and professional growth. Vanessa is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a Life Strategist, certified through the Certified Coaching Federation. She is skilled with tools and techniques that support people in achieving a more balanced life, empowering them to create new outcomes for their life and their future.
  5. Joanne Noton
    Outreach & Promotion, CWS/C5/CCPU Joanne represents the island of Haiti; she is passionately influenced by Caribbean history, language and culinary tastes. Joanne accepted the Board position because she wants to contribute to the continuous evolution and future growth of the Caribbean Women's Society. The Haitian coat of arms has a motto that says "L'union fait la force" which means Unity is making strength. Joanne values and is motivated by this motto because it emphasizes that as a Caribbean-Canadian community, it is our responsibility to stand strong, collectively; continue to tackle the barriers and challenge the odds for a better future. Joanne achieved a diploma in radio broadcasting from Humber College and an advanced diploma in Business Administration Human Resources from Sheridan College. Joanne has been in the Human Resources field since 2011; and currently specializes in Recruitment.
  6. Shakira Rouse
    Digital Media Marketing Shakira was born and raised in Toronto with strong Caribbean roots, representing the tiny but mighty island of Barbados. Shakira is proudly influenced by the diversity of the Caribbean - rich in history and culture; and its people bringing intense love and passion wherever they go. Shakira accepted the Board position because she believes in the organization and wants to offer her knowledge and skills to further their mission. Shakira is the creator and founder of her own nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities. Shakira brings her entrepreneurial skills, corporate legal experience, and her education to the Society.
  7. Chantal Carey
    Events & Initiatives Chantal hails from the island of Bermuda where she was born and raised. One of the core Bermudian values that has been influential in Chantal’s life, is having a strong sense of community; that has always, and continues to ground her in the work that she does. Chantal accepted the Board position because she sees this as an opportunity to work and build together, a beautiful future for generations to come. While undertaking this Board responsibilities, Chantal intends to lean on her ability to bring people together; as well as, learn from our community, to fulfill the CWS objective to unite and strengthen the Caribbean-Canadian community. Chantal is motivated by this shared vision among Caribbean-Canadians, and their eagerness to enrich the lives of our Caribbean-Canadian community.
  8. Sadie Pascal
    Events & Initiatives Sadie immigrated to Canada twenty-three years ago, from the “Nature Island”, Dominica. Sadie is proud of the diverse makeup of the Caribbean; their traditions encompassing an ingrain yearn for excellence, their strong work ethics, and most of all, their resilience. Sadie accepted the Board position because she wants to assist in facilitating, creating, and coordinating cohesive relationships; by leveraging her network, encouraging full participation, promoting mutual understandings, and cultivating lasting connections within the Caribbean community. Sadie is a project management professional, educated in civil engineering, and certified in construction estimating. She acquired over 8 years of project management experience in a variety of construction and engineering firms. Currently, Sadie is employed as a Service & Construction Coordinator for the construction of industrial and recreational refrigeration systems; as well as, a Client Services Manager at a strategic marketing firm based in Hamilton.