Caribbean Women's Society #961495-8
Improving  quality of life for the Caribbean-Canadian community.

Meet Our Working Board

Ccompassionate, professional and dedicated volunteer women from the Caribbean-Canadian community.
  1. Camille Kerr
    Camille Kerr
    Camille Kerr was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Camille’s parents, Trinidadian immigrants, habitually taught her to honour and identify with their Trinidadian culture and family history. The traditional Caribbean values of family, identity, compassion and determination resonate with Camille and have become driving forces that navigate her daily life. These values are also key areas that both Camille and her husband, as conscientious parents, consistently instill in their five young children. Becoming a mother heightened Camille’s understanding that identity, belonging, reliance, responsibility and philanthropy are fundamental characteristics in a successful community. These factors became the underlying values when she formed the Caribbean Women’s Society; which aims to improve the quality of life for the Caribbean-Canadian community. Camille Kerr is a University of Toronto graduate with a BA Hon. in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science, and thirteen years of Human Resources work experience.
  2. Shari Thompson-Ricci
    Shari Thompson-Ricci
    Shari Thompson-Ricci was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga, Ontario and was born to parents who migrated from Jamaica. Her passion for Caribbean culture began at a young age, when she fell in love with the rhythmic and alluring sounds of the Caribbean, its delicious foods that brought family together, and it's vibrant and unique style of dance that acted as a rite of passage, connecting her to a culture that could be experienced and understood from miles away. Strength, resilience and being proud of who you are were values instilled and celebrated in Shari’s home, and contributed significantly to her identity. Shari has received a BA Hon. from the University of Windsor and a B.Ed. from York University; she is an international educator and has years of experience educating students in Canada, China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about education, diversity and culture and believes that we must advocate and give voice to the unheard. She recently completed a Master’s degree at UCL- Institute of Education, where her dissertation focused on Caribbean-Canadian identity in a multicultural society. Shari joined the Caribbean Women’s Society because the organization's mandate and action plan, aligned with her personal goal of contributing to and improving the quality of life for the Caribbean-Canadian community.
  3. Jenelle Edwards
    Jenelle Edwards
    Jenelle Edwards was born in Toronto and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Her mother immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago and father from Guyana. Caribbean culture was a strong element in her household. It gave her a sense of identity through traditions, food, music, dialect and religion which always included the importance of family. Jenelle was involved in Toronto’s Caribana at a very young age; from playing mas to making costumes and helping behind the scenes. This definitely impacted her beliefs/values and sense of belonging to the Caribbean community. She has always been passionate about her culture and staying involved. Caribbean Women’s Society is not only a non-profit organization but a movement that Jenelle is excited to be a part of. As a Director of Events & Initiatives, it is a role definitely close to her heart, as the position will focus on bringing the Caribbean community together, keeping the culture strong and helping to improve the quality of life for generations to come. As a mother of two girls and a wife, Jenelle finds it extremely important to pass down cultural traditions, values and beliefs that were taught to her by both parents. She believes that her kids need to be able to identify and belong to the Caribbean community. Jenelle Edwards attended Ryerson University and graduated with a BA, Child and Youth Counsellor. She has been working in the field for the past 12 years, supporting at risk children/youth and their families.
  4. Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas
    Jasmine Thomas was born to parents who migrated from Jamaica and raised their three daughters in the small town of Brantford, Ontario. She was groomed to understand the importance of family, fun, faith, education and hard work; these are the guiding principles handed down from Jasmine’s forefathers and the foundations she builds her own family on. Joining Caribbean Women’s Society was a welcomed opportunity for Jasmine to strengthen ties with Caribbean women in her local community. As well as, understand the importance of leaving behind a legacy for her children to be proud of. Aspects of the Caribbean culture that resonates in Jasmine are the rhythm of the music, the spice of the food and the friendliness of the people. Jasmine is a graduate of the Marketing Management program from Centennial College, followed by a Management Certificate in Human Resources from Sheridan College; Jasmine pursued careers in both fields.